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  1. I’m finding more models – many of whom are too new to have online profiles. It looks like we will have a good turnout on the model side.

    I’m also almost ready to announce the location of the after party – just soon as I’ve nailed down one last detail.

    If you know any hair, make-up or clothing designers please tell them about this event.

  2. Everyone – please send me an email so I can add you to the mailing list for this event. It’s much easier for me to update everyone with a mass email than it is by trying to log onto ModelMayhem and send everyone an individual message.

    Thanks so very much –

  3. More models who may be attending:

    If you are a model who may attend and I don’t have a link to your online portfolio on this page please let me know and send the link – or just go ahead and post it here yourself.

  4. More important info for make-up artists and hair stylist. Bring everything you will need. We are working in an empty space. There will be water and electric but nothing else. That includes furniture. And extension cords. If you need it – bring it. Same goes for photographers and models as well.

    Photographers – if you have furniture you’d like to bring to use when shooting – do so. I’m going to try to arrange having some stuff there for our use.

    Photographers and models – bring any props you’d like to play with and use.

    Models – the plan is to have hair stylist and make-up artists on site. You should assume this will not happen as a worst case situation. Arrive with the things you need to do hair & make-up yourself if you need to. Also bring clothing. While I’m hunting for fashion designers to come play with us be ready for the worst. What should you bring? Anything you wanna be photographed in. There is no theme. The more you bring the better off you are.

    As always – post comments and question here in the blog and I’ll get back to ya.


  5. Update: The after party was going to be held at The Vault, however The Vault has been closed down do to circumstances that were not my fault. Really. I had nothing to do with it. Thus the after party has been cancelled. We will only be doing the model shoot. Food and drinks will still be provided on site.

    Tomorrow I will be put up details instructions on exactly where to go in order to find us. Stay tuned for that. If I don’t have your email address you can still send it to me and I’ll send the updates directly to you.

  6. Location: Penny Flats Lofts. 204 Maple Street, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of American, Earth, Sol System, Western Spiral Arm.

    Time line:
    1030 – photographers, make-up, hair stylist arrive and load in and set up
    1100-1200 – models arrive, shooting begins whenever people are ready to shoot
    1530ish (3:30pm for you civilians) – food arrives
    1830 (6:30pm) – we have to be out of the building

    As mentioned previously the after party is a bust as the venue was shut down. There was not enuf time to find a new location. Next time we’ll do the after party.

    If you are at the intersection of Maple and Mason Penny Flats is on the North West corner. It’s a 4 story building. Park any place on the street you can find which is not marked as 2 hour parking, or park in 2 hour parking, but be sure you move. FoCo takes parking tickets very seriously. Think I’m joking? Try ’em.

    The main entrance is the only door on the west side of the building. Someone should be there to let you in. This is a secure building so the door is locked. I’ll have a sign on the door with phone numbers to call if you need to be let in.

    Go inside and follow the only path to the elevator or stairs. Go to the fourth floor. Follow the only path from the elevator or stairs. We are in units 401 and 405. They are the first units on the right and the left that you will come to. Literally right outside the elevator.

    When you first arrive: Go into unit 405 (the unit to your right). This is the central area. Girl’s dressing and bathroom will be here, boy’s dressing and bathroom will be here, make-up and hair will be here, refrigerator will be here, check-in will be here.

    Behaviour – Everyone act somewhat like an adult. I don’t mean put a stick up your butt, please bring your sense of humour as you are gonna need it, but keep in mind:
    1. This is private property and none of us own it.
    2. People live here.
    We need to keep our noise and obnoxiousness under control. The property managers have very generously allowed us to shoot here. They didn’t have to do that. Additionally we are getting the space for free. They sure as hell didn’t have to do that, thus all money paid by the photographers is going to food and drink.

    Don’t make a mess. We, meaning you, have to clean it up.
    Don’t break anything. You break it, you buy it.

    Catering will be from Mugs Coffee and Subway. Cold drinks will be in the fridge. I do not pay money (to include other people’s money) for water so there will not be bottled water. The units have running water. Please bring your own water bottle. You can also bring your own food/drink and put it in the fridge if you are so inclined.

    No smoking. As if I really need to say that. If you smoke you must go outside.

    No nude photos – there will be people under 18, or at least there might be. No nudity, unless you are in a closet with me. And you are really cute.

    The toilets (all 4 of them) work – unlike the last shootout. :)

    Models: bring make-up, hair such things as you need and wardrobe. Looks like we are going to be short in those departments, especially if all the models who have RSVP’d show up. We are expecting to have 8 photographers. This should be just perfect and allow us to keep everyone busy.

    Make-up and hair stylists, remember this – if you need it, bring it. There is no furniture.

    Photographers – if you need it, bring it. There is no furniture! Bring furniture props if you want them. If anyone can bring any sorts of patio furniture that would be great. There are 4 patios.

    Scout photos of the location:

    Okay – see you there. Questions? Post here to the blog or email me direct.

  7. So I finally have time to sit down and respond to this! I’ve been dealing with my little dog at the vet on and off all day, she’s pretty beat up from fighting with something out here in the country :(
    I have every intention of arriving on time (bear with me I’m driving over from Laramie) and attending the event but I MIGHT be late as I have to retrieve my dog from the vet in the morning unless Bill gets here at a reasonable time in the morning to do it for me.

    That being said, I am only one person. . . As much as I want to be able to do hair and makeup for all of the models I will simply not be able to :( I am happy to provide tips and assitance to anyone and hope you all are gentle on me lol it’s been a long day here.

    I will be bringing my truck, my tools, and my positively insatiable personality and look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones ^^

    RingMaster – T O C S S
    hair stylist * makeup artist * wardrobe stylist * clothing designer

  8. Hey everyone! Was fantastic to meet all of you yesterday and to see some familiar faces too! Thank you Adrian for the invite and I look forward to seeing what sort of fantastic things you all shot yesterday :)


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