Are you a photographer? You can say “yes.”

Are you in the Rapid City, South Dakota area? If you are… then say “yes.”

Would you like to join other photographers for the purpose of evaluating each other’s photography, exchanging ideas, learning from and teaching each other, doing something fun and different? You can say “yes” again.

East some yummy food. Maybe even drink a beer while you’re doing it? You know the answer to this is “yes.”

Then I’ve got just the thing for you.

Join me and a bunch of other photographers who are always on their best behaviour for the Rapid City Photography Critique and Tall Tale Telling Monthly Meetup. We’ll call that the RCPCaTTTMM for short.

This event is held under the umbrella of the Black Hills Photography Club (BHPC). However you do not have to be a member of BHPC to attend the critique.

Here’s the details:

Purpose: Get evaluations of your photographs from other photographers, show off, steal ideas, learn new things, be inspired, be inspiring, tell tall tales, and have fun.

When: Every third Wednesday of the month. Starting at 6:30pm, arrive as early as 6:00pm. Official ending at 9:15ish. However we can stay as late as we want. All depends on your bedtime.

Location: Buffalo Wild Wings, 715 Mountain View Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702

Where: In the enclosed meeting room. Past the bathrooms, before the bar.

RSVP: If you can, do so. If I suspect no one is going to show up then I’m not going to show up.

If you are a member of BHPC and use the Facebook group you can RSVP there via the ‘Events” tab.

Otherwise you can send me an email and let me know you’re going to attend. Do so via the contact page.


You can eat and drink during the event. That’s the point of doing this at a location that has food and beverage.

Bring up to 7 photographs.

I will display your photographs using Lightroom. I’m showing the photos on a 4K TV. Bring the highest resolution file you have. JPG is good. RAW is fine as well.

Bring you images on a USB stick or SD card. I will copy them to my hard drive. I have a PC. Use a filesystem Windows can recognize.

If you want your photos shown in a specific order name them so they will sort in that order when sorted by name.

We will have a 25 minute time limit for each photographer’s critique. After the first 3 or 4 critiques – depending on how fast they go – we will take a 10 minute break then jump back into it.

No pressure. If it’s you first time attending you don’t have to bring photos to show. After that you have no excuse.

Have questions? Contact me and ask. Look forward to seeing you there.