BoP Episode Two: Sunlight and photographing people. — 2 Comments

  1. I haven’t tried this enough to conclude much, but I’ve heard a number of times of people who often use the cloudy white balance setting for both cloudy and full sun, to warm away some of that full sun harshness. What do you think of that?

    Here’s someone who does that and also uses the sunlight setting when shooting under clouds to reduce excessive softness.

    I largely shoot RAW, so the commitment is less, but I can’t always count on being able to do that.

    I compared one of my full sun pics shot in RAW using the two settings. I prefer the one that uses cloudy for the white balance.
    I picked an image that was shot around mid-day, for the most difference. Maybe this is often a good approach for the middle of the day and not so much for the rest of the daytime.

    • I have mostly been shooting with the white balance in the auto mode. Recently I came across some information about why this is not the best idea – to summarize it’s because the colours in the photo can throw the white balance off – so I’ve been making an effort to set the white balance to something specific.

      Plus if all your photos do have the same white balance in the camera it will be easier to change them in post if need be.

      At this point I don’t have enough first hand experience to have an educated opinion on this.

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