You know why you are here. You have cables and you need to tag them. You want to know which cables are yours and how long they are. You want to know quickly and you want a system of doing this which is cost effective, easy to implement and obvious.

Yes, you can wrap electrical tape around them. Then the tape gets hot. Falls off. Leaves the gummy residue. You grab it and the adhesive gets on your fingers. Oh so much fun.

There are the assorts methods of using shrink wrap. Up to shrink wrap customized with your company name. Expensive. Time consuming.

How about a simple, cost effective way to tag your cables with nearly unlimited options for colours?

I thought you might like that.


Yes. You read that correctly. Yarn.

1. It’s very inexpensive. One roll of yarn will cost you $3 and last forever.

2. Near infinite colours. You have four types of cable, each in 10 different lengths? Try tagging that with your bloody electrical tape. Yarn is available in at least 50 different colours at your local Wal-mart.

3. Easy to apply. Easy to replace when it becomes damaged or soiled.

a. Cut a piece of yarn.

b. Wrap it around the cable ten times.

c. Tie a square note and pull it tight.

d. Cut of the excess.

My friends in theatre, production, corporate, and event planning…

You’re welcome. All I ask is that you give me the credit when someone says to you “Yarn! That’s genius. How did you come up with that idea?”