In the past when I’ve conducted photo shoots at the theatre most people have behaved intelligently. Yet as we all know it only takes one idiot to ruin things for everyone. Thus I must write down a set of conduct guidelines which you will need to adhere to while in the theatre.

Please read this. Failure to apply these guidelines may result in your removal from the theatre.

This is a working theatre. Things are where they are for a reason. Things can not be broken, mangled, destroyed or damaged.

1. You shall not use any clothing items backstage or in the dressing room. Those items are there because they are being used in the current show. They are off limits.

2. In the dressing room you may move items on the make-up table out of your way to make work space, but do not move them from the general vicinity where you find them.

3. Backstage is a table with an assortment of items on and around it. This is the prop table. All items on the prop table are being used in the current show. You shall not touch anything on or around the prop table. Nothing. Never.

4. When on stage be mindful of the set. Theatre sets are not constructed like a house. What looks like a solid wall is not a solid wall. If you put too much weight on it you may find yourself under a pile of rubble. You can also easily damage things. Something that looks like wood may only be Styrofoam.

5. Unless directly instructed otherwise by the photographer: Do not stand on anything that is not the floor. Do not sit on anything that is not a chair. Do not climb anything that is not a ladder. Things that look like they will support weight may not actually support weight.

6. If you use anything from the costume or prop storage it must be returned to where it came from before you leave.

In closing I will remind you of things you should know.

If you turn it on, turn it off.
If you move it, put it back.
If you break it, fix it.

Thank you and happy photo shooting.