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Sister of Insanity II

On The Fly Photography is a hot mess!  I’m currently making major modifications to this site, if things don’t work or look terrible don’t be surprised.  Just hang in there.  It gets better.  I know what I’m doing.  Really I do.  Really . . .

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Final Images: “Dynomite Prom Dress” Photo Shoot


More delicious photography from On The Fly.  All around creamy goodness with chocolate on top.  And sprinkles.  Gotta have sprinkles. Okay, fact is no chocolate was involved.  But it should have been.  Chocolate makes everything better. What I did have for this shoot was Stephanie.  Not the Stephanie you’ve seen around here before.  A new Stephanie.  She brought the wardrobe and did her own hair and makeup.  The rest of it we just made up … read more . . .

Grandfather’s Legacy 2015 Wall Calendar

calendar - grandfather

Once again I bring you a look at what once was. My Grandfather’s Legacy 2015 Wall Calendar features automobiles from what use to be my Grandfather’s junk yard. There vehicles are all gone now. Hauled away, smashed and melted. You can snag this calendar or one of my other 2015 calendars over at On The Fly Photography at Lulu. Below you can see all the images that are included in this calendar. … read more . . .

2015 Calendar: Fine Art – Tree Edition

calendar - tree

My 2015 calendars are on the way. Right now four are available. You can see all of them in the On The Fly Photography Store at Lulu. This week I feature one of two fine art calendars. This one is called Travel. All the images featured in the calendar are shown below. You can snag a copy of the 2015 Fine Art: Tree calendar right here. … read more . . .

2015 Wall Calendar – Flowers


The next of my wall calendars for 2015 features Flowers of Colorado. These were all taken in the Fort Collins area. Don’t ask me what kind of flowers they are ’cause I don’t know that much about it. I just appreciate ‘em for how they look. You can see all of my 2015 wall calendars over at my Lulu store. Below you’ll see all the photos in the Flowers wall calendar from On The Fly … read more . . .

Final Images: “Dynomite and Blades” Photo Shoot


More photo editing done.  The only good thing about winter in my mind is that it makes me not want to go outside which translates into more time working on photography.  In the summer I’d much rather be biking or trail running and thus my photography post processing productivity (aka PPPP) plummets.  That’s PPPPP for short. But enough ‘P’ing for now.  Let’s talk about photography. This session features Madeleine who was back for her third … read more . . .

2015 Fashion and Fantasy Calendar from On The Fly Photography

2015 fashion and fantasy calendar

After hours of agonizing over which photos to include in this year’s calendar I’ve finally made decisions. The models featured in this years calendar are:  Stephanie A. Atwood * Madelynn Carroll * Noelle Dingman * Colyn Gackenbach * Bryn Geddes * Cassidy Hara * Kyrsten Holle * Macie Skretteberg * Tehray * Molly Wilson * Madeleine Winn-Clouse Get your edition of the 2015 Fashion and Fantasy Calendar over in my store at Lulu.com. Here are … read more . . .