Photography Resources

These are links to photography resources that I find useful.


Reviews of photography software from the Stuck In Customs blog, and coupon codes. Yes! Save money!

RAWTherapee – an open source Lightroom like program.

LightZone – a Lightroom like program.

GIMP – an open source version of Photoshop and UFRaw – which allows GIMP to manipulate RAW images.

Extensions for GIMP:

Photivo – an open source alternative to Lightroom which will integrate with GIMP. – When I moved from film to digital I had to decide if I wanted to go Canon or Nikon.  This website provided much information which helped me make a decision.  NK Guy covers lots of Canon information to include some very detailed technical information.  If you need information about Canon systems this is a good place to start.

The Canon Beginners’ FAQ at goes far beyond “beginner” information and contains a wide array of in-depth information.  If you use or are considering Canon I really suggest reading this.  The education value is huge.

History of Photography Podcast

Facebook Timeline: 5 Tools for your photography business.

Meet The GIMP – video tutorials for GIMP and other image editing software.

Style Me Pretty – Bridal inspiration and good wedding photography inspiration.

25 Excellent Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials for Photographers & Artists

41 reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer


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  1. I have been using DPP since I have Canon DSLRs, but when they announced the LR beta, I dediced to give it a try. The usability is superior, and I like the possibilities regarding tagging, searching by metadata etc. But I am still not sure if the IQ really is better than with DPP. Most of the time I end up with better sharpness, but at the same time I am also left with a tad more noise.So, should I really shell out the money for LR3, or stick with DPP? Problem is that I am afraid that this will force me to upgrade LR over the next years as soon as a new LR version comes out and when support for future DSLR models is only added to the new LR versions. How has that been handled in the past? Can you still use,e.g., LR1 with a 7D if you are happy with the features LR1 gives you?

  2. Hi Gauri – Lightroom does only add support for newer camers to upgrades. My 7D worked with LR2 but certainly any camera that comes out today will not. However, there is an easy way around this. You can convert your RAW files to DNG. Lightroom will always read DNG files. Adobe releases a free program that converts RAW to DNG called DNG Converter. This process will allow you to use any version of Lightroom with any camera.

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