Writing of assorted sorts by Skippy.

This page features assorted bits of writing that I have done.  The titles below link to PDF files which you can download for free unless otherwise indicated.  Copyright for all these writings is held by Skippy.  You may redistribute any PDF downloaded from this page for free so long as it is not modified in any way.


Theatre is an experience.  An experience that calls out for parody.  Sometimes I write a parody of a play that I have work on.  I started on a parody of Death Of A Salesman but that play is so bad that it already is a parody.  So I stopped.

I worked on a production of Stop Kiss and felt that a few scenes that should have been written were left out.  So I wrote them.

Role Playing Games

In an Exalted (the first version) game I play Klairissa.  She was hot but hard to get along with.  Kinda like me.

In Deadlands I play First Sergeant Samuel Boggs of the 2nd Georgian Raiders, Confederate States of America.  Boggs shoots things and shows little fear and don’t trust no Yankee.  In Deadlands there are many many things to shoot.  And I do mean “things”.

In a Hero game I played Thich Nat Han (yes, quite imaginative I know), a Tibetan monk with magic based powers.


Coming soon . . . run now while you still can.