Lightroom Resources:

Lightroom and Photoshop video tutorials from Udemy.

Adobe Lightroom on YouTube.

Lightroom Help – Optimize Performance

Lightroom Help – Performance Hints

Download the Adobe DNG converter here:

For Windows:

For Mac:

Detailed information on optimizing LR’s setting can be found here:

The official Adobe LR support forum.

Adobe TV – Lightroom – video tutorials.

Photoshop Express – an online version of Photoshop.

I put a video up on YouTube where I go over creating the shortcuts to your catalogs, backups and presets and why you would want to do this.

LR/Enfuse – Blend Multiple Exposures together in Adobe Lightroom – will work for free but only produces a small image. Donate money to unlock and create full size images.

Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog – Lightroom Goodies – There are some fantastic things here, both plug-ins and extensions and presets plus good information about Lightroom.  He has also written an extension which lets you export from LR straight to Twitter. It’s pretty damn cool.  I’m a fan.

An extension that allows you to publish to your fan page or business page on Facebook:

Wanna export you photos and maintain the folder hierarchy?  I certainly do.  With this plugin you can.  I use it and highly recommend it.  LR/TreeExporter from Photographer’s Toolbox.  They have other great Lightroom goodies as well.

Lightroom General Tips and Help and Tutorials:

Lightroom Killer Tips Blog – pretty much what the title says it is.  You can pick up some good ideas here.

10 Quick and Easy Lightroom Tricks Every User Should Know.

[SLR]Lounge has a slew of video LR tutorials that are fantastic.  Still confused about something from class?  Want a different perspective than mine?  Go here and watch their videos.  They are organized and focused.  I’ve watched almost all of these and they are great.

Other programs that replace, enhance or work with Adobe Lightroom:

RAWTherapee – an open source Lightroom like program.

LightZone – a Lightroom like program.

GIMP – an open source version of Photoshop and UFRaw – which allows GIMP to manipulate RAW images.

Photivo – an open source alternative to Lightroom which will integrate with GIMP.