Lightroom 3.3 – The Suckage Gets Worse — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been using LR for ages and haven’t had half the issues you have. It is buggy, sometimes the slider stop working and it has corrupted one of my catalogues but all in all I have been pleased with its performance
    A lot of the issues you have with performance could come down to your HDD speed. I have it installed on an SSD and it is very snappy. My catalogues and files are stored on low power storage drives and I have no issues with performance.
    My tips to you:
    1) Get windows 7 x64
    2) Use 6GB of RAM not 3GB (I’m running 8GB with a Phenom II X6)
    3) Make sure you have a decent system drive. Don’t use a low power drive as your C: drive.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I remember trying Lightroom when it first came out, and thought it was a pile of shit. At that time I had cutting edge hardware and was only developing 5 megapixel files.. it was so slow it was a joke. Utter, utter garbage.

    I tried the very latest version today on even more powerful hardware, and holy shit, it’s even worse. You’d think in the interim years they might have fixed some of the bugs.. but no. Instead, they’ve just added more.

    I also don’t understand why they choose to stick with what is one of the worst interfaces I’ve ever seen. For example, windows 7 offers a perfectly good file selector dialogue which allows me quick access to my favourite locations, or shortcuts to places like the desktop. What do adobe do? They write their own, non-standard, horrendously slow and ugly dialogue which doesn’t even allow me to go to the desktop without clicking through twenty folders. Nice!

    I tried to give it a chance, but when I opened up the first photo and zoomed in to 1:1, i could have made and consumed a cup of coffee in the time it took. Then, as I went to apply sharpening, the sharpening slider would keep snapping to ‘0’ – even though the history would show an entry for sharpening. WTF? I zoomed out, zoomed in again, and the program bluescreened my system.

    It is uninstalling as I type this.

  3. I’ve been neglecting the blog but I need to make a few quick replies here.

    Nick – nice try but spending more money isn’t the solution. WindowsXP meets the requirement to run LR as stated by Adobe. Additionally, my laptop with WindowsXP and 2G of RAM runs Lightroom without any of these bugs appearing.

    David – Sounds like Adobe hates you more than they hate me. Lightroom for all it’s faults has never blue screened my system. I’m thankful for that. I do agree that the file selector dialogue is terrible beyond words. I don’t use it. I use the stand along DNG converter to convert my RAW to DNG, rename them and place them in a specific directory. I then import them to LR using the “synchronize folder” function.

    It would be nice if Adobe devoted time spent reinventing the wheel to fixing exiting bugs.

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