Zazzle = Fail — 2 Comments

  1. Wow. I had no idea Zazzle was this way until this week. I had in the past created some t-shirt products that were not favorable to the current US administration. Zazzle didn’t post them. OK. Now they are blocking “bitch” and “fuck” from new products even though there are many, many prducts on Zazzle that say these things. As some of their prodcts say “WTF?”

  2. Hi Alan;

    It’s true Zazzle is a bit protective of The Messiah. Apparently they don’t have faith in Him to defend Himself.

    Another suggestion, when you do your keywords leave out anything that might catch their attention. That makes it more difficult for your product to be found, but might also keep your product listed. At least until some filthy liberal who supports free speech sees it and emails Zazzle asking them to censor you.

    Liberals who claim to support free speech just crack me up.

    And don’t fuck with VW whatever you do. :)

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